Don't leave your files without any security, secure them with File-Security
Top-Rated File encryption software

Keep your files private and keep prying eyes out!!

Invisible Secrets - File Encryption Program. Keep those prying eyes out of your emails and prevent unwanted people from reading your private documents!

Invisible Secrets 4 not only encrypts your data and files for safe keeping or for secure transfer across the net, it also hides them in places that on the surface appear totally innocent, such as picture or sound files, or web pages. These types of files are a perfect disguise for sensitive information. Using our file encryption software nobody, not even your wife, boss, or a hacker would realize that your important papers or letters are stored in your last holiday pictures, or that you use your personal web page to exchange messages or secret documents. With Invisible Secrets 4 - File encryption software you may encrypt and hide files directly from Windows Explorer, and then automatically transfer them by e-mail or via the Internet.

It features strong file encryption algorithms (including AES - Rijndael), a password management solution that stores all your passwords securely and helps you create secure passwords, a shredder that helps you destroy beyond recovery files, folders and internet traces, a locker that allows you to password protect certain applications, the ability to create self-decrypting packages and mail them to your friends or business partners, a tool that allows you to transfer a password securely over the internet, and a cryptboard to help you use the program from Windows Explorer. Invisible Secrets 4 - File encryption software is shell integrated and offers a wizard that guides you through all the necessary steps needed to protect your data.


If you have at least one of the following problems
Invisible Secrets 4 is the perfect software for you!

Are you afraid that someone else can see your sensitive and secret data stored on your computer ?
Are you afraid that hackers or other people can penetrate your system and find your valuable information ? Invisible Secrets 4 - File encryption software is the best solution for your problems.
Your wife, boss and kids can see what you used the internet for?
You have many passwords in your mind or spread all over your computer and you can't organize them?
You want to send a secure email to your friend or partner and you want nobody to read or to access it?
You want to password protect certain applications to be used only by you? Do you want them not to be visible in the Start Menu, but still have quick access to them?
You want to delete an email or a file but you think someone else can restore it and use it against you ?
You want to combine file encryption with steganography (hide files and folders) to better protect your documents and emails? Use our file encryption software.
You want to hide files on your computer so that nobody finds them? you want a single-click file encryption software ?
Is your current computer security program too complex and too hard to use and want something easier but still keep the same power and security?

Invisible Secrets 4 - File encryption software is a powerful security suite that helps you solve all these problems.




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