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Deleting files and folders from Windows Explorer is not secure. This will delete only the file's name so that you will no longer see it in Windows Explorer. Our software solution comes with a file shredder feature. To destroy files and folder beyond recovery you must overwrite the file / folder before erase. Invisible Secrets 4 provides an integrated Shredder (DoD 5220.22-M compliant) for this operation.

You can use the file shredder software to permanently remove files and folders from your computer.

To shred files follow these steps:

    1. Select the action: Shred Files from the main page of the software.
    2. Add files or folders to the list of files to shred.
      Click Add Files button to add files to the list.
      Click Add Folders to add folders to the list.
      Click Remove Files to remove files from the list.
      Click Remove Folders to remove folders from the list.
      Click Cryptboard button to add file from Cryptboard.

    You can add files and folders by dragging them from other applications and dropping them on the list. 3. Click Shred button to start the shredding process.

    Warning: Be careful with this function, because the shredder 's action is not undoable!

You can also use the file shredder feature to destroy the internet traces. Invisible Secrets is the complete security suite for all your data/communication needs.



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